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Children's author Zoe Antoniades attended school today. She ran a collective worship for the whole school and then classes attended workshops with her, listening to some of her short stories and discussing what it is like to be an author. Many children went to a signing of her books at the end of the school day. 

Zoe Antoniades – Biog and press release for Invincible Voices

Zoe Antoniades was born in West London of Greek Cypriot parents. She graduated from the University of Hull with a degree in English and Drama and later trained as a teacher at the Institute of Education. Zoe writes collaboratively with young people and has published three anthologies of short stories: Invincible Voices - Long Shorts, Medium Shorts and Short Shorts which were launched at Waterstones, Chiswick in 2017.  Zoe has also written a memoir Tea and Baklavas which won the Winchester Writers’ Festival Memoir Prize in 2015.

In Invincible Voices: Short Shorts we meet a colourful collection of characters, including a not-yet-six-year-old superhero; a demonic dinner lady; a runaway spy-cat; a giant spider on the rampage and a busted bank robber. They venture through supernatural science trips, tempestuous tsunamis and violent volcanos, as magical quests and secret portals come together with a book whose only wish is to tell its tale…

Invincible Voices: Medium Shorts features legendary beasts and mythological monsters: a Quadropythonus, a Kraken and a Colosollus to name but a few. Also present are a shipwrecked rabble of pirates; a seventeenth-century tennis-playing ghost; a witch whose pungent feet are more evil than her spells and a miniscule yet mighty dragon. Bad guys and robbers have super-spies and heroes at their heels...

The third book, Invincible Voices: Long Shorts, asks: What’s out there on the other side of Saluna? Who can gauge the ghostly goings-on at Sunshine Mansions? Will Jake find the lost gemstone and save his village from the destruction of the dim-witted troll? How do an armadillo and an antelope defeat a tribe of hunters in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest? And why is Ella Green acting so strangely?

These stories are for children by children; they contain first-hand concepts that children want to read about because children have chosen to write them. With a skilled teacher and author, Zoe Antoniades, to guide them, the children are inspired to come up with their own ideas, then helped to shape, structure, organise and develop them so that they evolve into more professional pieces. The result of such an approach is a unique style, a hybrid product of adult and child’s voice. The stories possess the spirit and originality of a child’s creative ideas, but with the polish and flair of an experienced writer.



twitter: @zoeantoniades

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