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The Priory is keen to promote a creative and exciting curriculum for our children. We have planned our curriculum based on a themed approach. The themes relate to the History, Geography and occasionally Science topics for the term, following the guidance of the National Curriculum. Each theme has an exciting title, to hook the children in and engage them from the start.  Where possible, we have created cross-curricular links to extend and enhance learning for our pupils. However, there are some units that simply need to be taught discretely. Within a term, we provide a Spectacular Day (which involves creative activities or educational workshops about the theme and a dressing up focus, relating to the theme) and a trip that supports and extends the learning within the classroom.


 Content for 2023-24 being updated.



Please click on the links below for Knowledge Organisers that may support and extend your child’s learning at home.

Click here for some possible ways to use the Knowledge Organisers.  

 We have created a Knowledge Organiser for Phonics. Please read it and play some of the suggested games with your children. They focus on the vocabulary and strategies used within the classroom. 

The best thing to do is to play and talk about sounds and letters as much as possible, including reading to your child and creating stories together, singing songs and rhymes. That is what Phonics Phase 1 is all about.


                        PHASE 2                    



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